Membership Benefits

Each year GAPPA sponsors programs for enhancing plant operations. Four workshops are scheduled annually for physical plant supervisory personnel. A $1000 Incentive -Award is presented to a member institution during each annual meeting to supplement training or incentive programs at the recipient’s college or university. Also, a quarterly newsletter keeps members up-to-date on the latest developments in the association as well as what is happening in the profession. An Annual Meeting provides the opportunity to fellowship with colleagues, to share ideas on plant-related concepts, and perhaps discover solutions to existing problems. It is a time of professional enrichment with educational sessions and for enjoyment at the various social and sport events.

Member Classifications


Institutional Membership

The principal administrator or administrator of systems of an institution of higher education. The annual Institutional Membership fee is $100.00

** Voting member


Subscribing Membership

Professional personnel or businesses who are interested or engaged in work related to Physical Plant administration. The annual Associate Membership fee is $50.

** Non-voting member


Business Partner

A consultant, vendor or supplier who is interested or engaged in work related to University/Colleges/Schools supplies and/or services. The annual Business Partner membership fee is $75.